2nd Passports

It appears that obtaining a second citizenship is beginning to catch momentum as a global trend. I’ve met several people in just the past week who have obtained multiple passports (more on that in later) but this trend is hardly more than a few personal vignettes. While individual experiences are valuable to learn from, truth must be backed by facts – truth must proven and backed by evidence.

Empirically speaking, Google shows that the search query for “2nd passport” is trending massively. One might think this would make it harder to obtain an alternative citizenship because there is more demand – but actually as alternative passports begin to trend, I have noted that this is not a zero sum game.

Citizenship by investment sometimes involves a large investment, and Governments around the world are increasingly willing to cash in on this trend and offer citizenship by investment to affluent citizens looking to obtain a travel document, and more importantly: a citizenship should they someday wish to renounce their current citizenship.

For some, this would be an unthinkable deed to “turn their back on their homeland”, but for others – they simply seek the highest quality of life for themselves and their family, regardless of where in the world this happens to be.


India –> US –> Singapore

As a real life example, I met no less than 3 individuals within just the past week, who began life as an Indian national, moved to America and obtained dual US citizenship and maintained their Indian passport as well – and then finally renounced both previous citizenships in exchange for Singaporean citizenship, (a country which does not recognize dual citizenship).

Many people may wish to simply have dual citizenship, without being forced to renounce a previous citizenship; for them, Singapore is not currently an option.

However, there are plenty of other options for an alternative citizenship, some of which have been available for some time, others that are recently gaining momentum. The newest and most attractive is that of Antigua and Barbuda.

New Instant Passport option: Antigua and Barbuda

Reputable sources have informed me that the country of Antigua is now offering citizenship by investment. The legislation is now passed.


About Antigua

Antigua has a history of independence where they tend to pursue their own goals with a sense of national freedom and independence from outside pressure.

Antigua is known as an offshore jurisdiction which attracts businessmen seeking privacy, bank accounts, and other business such as gambling licenses.