Antigua and Barbuda launches ‘Citizenship by Investment’

Antigua and Barbuda has officially launched a residency for investment – or ‘golden’ – visa.

The Prime Minister announced the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) late last week.

To get a passport and citizenship in Antigua, investors must invest $250,000 to Antigua’s National Development Fund; make a real estate purchase of $400,000; or a business investment of $1.5million.

Some critics have said that the program is no better than “selling passports”, but he said at the launch that the scheme, “Should in no way jeopardize the integrity of the national passport” – and that the CIP would not be an open door to all.

“We have structured the CIP to meet the most incisive scrutiny and to deliver the most rigorous review of the applications received by the Citizenship by Investment Unit,” he added.