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About Us

About Us

Antigua is an information website providing news on Antigua and Barbuda and benefit from the introduction of the Economic Citizenship Program. Individuals would be able to obtain legitimate economic citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda by applying to its economic citizenship program. The program has been introduced by way of legislation approved by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda. There will be strict application rules and guidelines in place in order to protect the sovereignty of Antigua and Barbuda and the applicant to ensure the future stability and credibility of the citizenship program.


Antigua and Barbuda’s economic citizenship program is now up and running. The premise of any Economic citizenship program is to allow persons who do not qualify for citizenship through marriage, birth, parentage or residency to apply for and become a citizen of a particular country. Economic citizenship programs benefit the economy with the funds generated being used for infrastructural development and the expansion of existing and new industries which will provide employment and economic growth. In addition such programs will have a real estate component to facilitate new development and stimulate the economy by way of increased foreign investment into real estate development initiatives.


Economic citizenship programs have very clear benefits for the country in question as well as the applicant looking to obtain citizenship by way of investment. There are many individuals the world over who feel limited by their current citizenship or are looking to acquire the number of benefits that economic citizenship can provide. Below are a number of clear advantages to any approved applicant:


  • The ability to maintain dual citizenship.
  • No income (On worldwide income), wealth and or death tax .
  • Visa free travel.
  • Citizenship for family members.
  • Immediate travel benefits.
  • Ultimately the chance to invest in a growing economy.