Iranians May Apply – Under Certain Conditions

Information from the Citizenship By Investment Unit:

Iranian nationals may apply for Citizenship by Investment under the following conditions:


The Applicant must:


  • Be lawfully and actually resident for a minimum of 1 year outside of Iran, (including any accompanying over age dependents),
  • Provide funds generated from outside of Iran and provide documented proof of their legal origin and the source of the applicant’s wealth,
  • Have no direct exposure to activities proscribed in the United Nations’ sanctions on Iran.


Applicants should, where applicable, be able to provide:


  • Compliance with OFAC guidelines,
  • Supporting documentary evidence such as evidence of title, copies of leases, utility bills and bank accounts,
  • Whether the applicant is the holder or a residence permit for Canada , the UK or EU countries,
  • Whether the applicant has a verifiable record of travel or study in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or EU and /or dual citizenship which entailed an evaluation process.
  • Whether the applicant holds a USA OFAC license or a Canadian SEMPA Order, or similar instrument from an EU member state,


Applicants under these conditions should be aware that in view of the complexity of completing a thorough evaluation and due diligence that the time frame for approval MAY be exceeded.