Antigua’s Climate

Antigua and Barbuda has year round warm climate making it a great vacation spot for anything looking to get a bit of sun. Antigua and Barbuda lie in the eastern Caribbean arc of the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles within the Caribbean.Barbuda lies 48km due North of Antigua and is the smallest of the twin Island state. Antigua and Barbuda climate ranges from season to season but generally have year round sunshine with an average rainfall of 39 inches each year with the wettest of the months being between September and November. Temperatures average 86°F in autumn and summer and 73°F in the winter each season cooled by trade wind breezes. Antigua famous for its beaches, an estimated 365, has many gorgeous coral reefs while Barbuda’s coastline features a natural Lagoon located on the western side of the island making Antigua and Barbuda a great place for anyone looking to settle down within a Tropical Marine.