Antigua’s Beaches

Antigua and Barbuda boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Antigua’s 365 beaches, one for everyday of the year, are all open to the general public each one with crisp turquoise blue waters, an abundance of sea life and absolutely breathtaking sunsets.For a calm day out at the beach the South Coast of Antigua creates the setting for the perfect picnic with its crystal clear waters and calm waves while the North Coast offers deep blue waters, oversized waves and cool breezes ideal for activities such as kite surfing and sail boating for the avid adventurer. Antigua’s sister island Barbuda is among the very few Caribbean Islands to have alluring pink sand beaches and clear shallow waters with some of the most secluded locations in the Caribbean, perfect for a relaxing day out. For anyone looking to invest in a piece of paradise this twin island state creates the perfect atmosphere for anyone to settle into their dream Caribbean getaway.